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application process

 What awaits you and what sets us apart?

optimal price-performance ratio

individual support & advice

family atmosphere

Discover your personal service package in

our following application process

4 steps to the goal

step 1 preparation phase

Personal advice

We accompany and support you from day 1 and are at your side with advice and action.

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With the help of a jointly created profile, you are visible to all colleges and coaches at all times and are a possible candidate for their teams.

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Athanasios Coutroumpas









recruitment class


highlight video

A video created by us gives the trainers a first and very important impression. The better the highlights, the more attention is drawn and the better the chances of a scholarship.


All information, dates and documents for the upcoming SAT/ACT and TOEFL tests will be provided to you.


In order to be able to start at all, an authorization from the NCAA or NAIA is required. We will help you with this so that there are no initial difficulties.

step 2 negotiation phase

College/University search

Based on the questionnaire you fill out, we know exactly which colleges/unis might be right for you and put you in touch with the trainers.


In direct exchange with the trainers, all open questions are clarified, but also the college/uni and the sport on site are brought closer.


If several colleges/unis are possible, we will be happy to help you with your decision and give you helpful tips and information for your decision.


With the decision you have made and the acceptance of a scholarship at a college/uni, the first big step has been taken. Now it's time for the formalities.


Now it is registered

to the selected college/uni. We'll help you with that.

step 3 Registration

National Letter of Intent

your personal confirmation of your scholarship/study.


as an international student, the I20 document is relevant for the appointment at the US consulate. We make sure that it is issued in good time.


We will help you through the entire procedure from visa application to registration at the US consulate and make the entire process easier for you.

step 4 Ready for Departure "Here you go"


You did it, you are ready for your personal adventure. Now pack your seven things and let's go.

We look forward to accompanying you on your journey.


while studying

After studying


Thanks to modern technology, communication is possible at any time from anywhere, so that we can take care of you from anywhere.

College/uni change

in the case of a college/uni transfer, we have a strong network in order to place you in the best possible way.

Additionally ON TOP for you!

free TOEFL preparation course

free preparation plan in the field of fitness & athletics for your upcoming season


you have what it takes to be a professional and want to stick with it after you graduate. We are happy to help you here with the help of our sports management and open possible doors for you through worldwide contacts with the clubs.

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