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Study & Sport Abroad

USA Scholarship


USA Scholarship

Study & Sport Abroad

You've always wanted to study abroad, but you're reluctant to give up your hobby. Then here is your chance - an athletic scholarship in the USA.

Create your own story

Your path to a sports scholarship in the USA.


For some it is a unique journey, for others it is the best decision of their life. You are responsible for what you make of this opportunity and we want to help you from the first to the last day and stand by you in every situation during your stay.

A sports scholarship in the USA offers you a fantastic combination of sports and studies. To train daily under professional conditions without neglecting the academic part and in the end to leave the place as a National Champion and to leave the university as a Bachelor/Master.

It is usually the high tuition fees that deter you from taking this path. But here we make ourselves strong and stand up for you. Thanks to a broad network of trainers in the USA as well as expertise in general and through personal experience, we know what is important in order to receive a top scholarship. The goal is a full scholarship for our athletes, but certain requirements apply.

When you first contact us, you will find out what the chances are. Completely non-binding and free of charge.


The team


Hello mi gente,

My name is Benito Baez Ayala and I founded BATLETICO - ALL About Sports. In addition to the Soccer Academy and personal training, you have the opportunity to have a very special experience abroad. With the USA sports scholarship "Study & Sport Abroad" you get the unique opportunity to combine your sport and your studies smoothly.

I myself didn't take this opportunity at the time and wasn't that keen on going to the USA. However, many of my friends and teammates have chosen this path and have had, as they say, "the time of their lives".

The topic of the USA sports scholarship has haunted me my whole life and hasn't left me alone, so I've dealt with it intensively, exchanged ideas with friends and colleagues who have had this experience, read a lot and have come to the decision Wanting to help others to get a scholarship too.

With my expertise from years of research, field reports as well as discussions and annual stays in the USA, I support you on your own journey from day 1 of our cooperation to the last day of your stay in the USA.


Hi there,

My name is Athanasios "Atha" Coutroumpas and I am a co-founder of USA Athletic Scholarship Study & Sport Abroad.


Even then, I was written to via social media asking if I was interested in a scholarship abroad. At first it wasn't one of my priorities as I wanted to try to go pro. After it became apparent that this will probably not happen, the topic of sports scholarships was revived and I quickly decided to embark on this journey. I was in the US for a total of 3.5 years. Initially in New York at Long Island University "LIU" Division 1 and two years later I moved to Lakeland in the Sunshine State Florida to Florida Southern College "MOCS" Division 2.

It was by far the best time of my life. I have matured, grown with my tasks and have learned to go through life independently. During this time, I learned fluent English and, with my bachelor's degree and subsequent master's degree, I chose a career path that would not have been possible without my stay abroad. From a sporting point of view, I came back much more athletic and dynamic and was able to gain a foothold in the premier league here without any problems.

With my personal experience, I bring extensive expertise and can help you in all matters. Together with Benito and the shared knowledge, you are in good hands with us and are always at your side. As a companion during your stay, you can rely on us and we are always there for you.


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