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Benito Baez Ayala



''Vive y no pienses en mañana“  I not only got a tattoo, but also stands for my motto in life. With this attitude, risk is always my companion, but at the same time it gives me a lot of freedom in life, which has already made many childhood dreams come true. As a passionate soccer player and active kicker, including 7 years with TSG Backnang in the Oberliga Baden Württemberg, I have measured myself against the best for years and, in addition to my own goals, I also pursue team goals that need to be achieved each season. As an A-Junior Bundesliga player, I underwent a two-year professional football training course that shaped me a lot and is also crucial for what I have achieved to date.

Nutrition and fitness were part of the daily curriculum and over time became part of everyday life, without which it was impossible to imagine life. Nicknames like ''Mr. Avocado'' doesn't come from just anywhere, but reflects, among other things, my healthy and balanced diet, which is very important to me. Regular visits to the gym are part of the weekly program. Training with my own body weight is my priority in order  to be able to train dynamically and functionally. This allows me enormous flexibility in my training program and never gets boring. I love to push my limits and beyond, that's how I found my passion for the HYROX in 2021. It's insane and definitely pushes me to my limits. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone. Then you've come a long way. It is the perfect interaction between nutrition, fitness and discipline to be able to pursue and achieve goals. Every body is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all rule of thumb when it comes to nutrition. I've tried a lot myself and over time I've found my optimal nutritional formula, which makes me feel fit and comfortable throughout the day. My current activities also result from the aspects of football, fitness and nutrition. 

I've been self-employed since 2012 and have been running my own sports academy "BATLETICO - All About Sports" since January 2023. It is the joy of working with children, young people and adults that makes working an experience. Every day is a day won and brings you a little closer to your goal.


Children give you so much in return, which is why I was aware from an early age that I wanted to work with children and young people later and turn my hobby into a career. It doesn't necessarily matter whether you already have a lot of experience or are brand new to sports, everyone deserves to be supported. Nevertheless, I also have ambitious athletes in my ranks, whom I support on their way to becoming a possible professional and who I help advance with my experience. Nowadays, athletics play an essential role, which I have specialized in even more and made my own thing out of it in connection with both football and fitness.

Never resting on my laurels always brings me to new ideas and thoughts to refine and constantly expand my projects. A very big goal for the next few years has been set and we can be curious where the journey will go. 

Through my fitness lifestyle away from football, I have developed into a very versatile person and offer a variety of offers for young and old.

Just look around, have fun and if you are interested, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Juega bonito.

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